The Building
- The "Schwarze Fabrik" in Schmallenberg-Oberkirchen
The Location
- The beautiful natural scenery of the Sauerland
The Product
- Charcoal in various grits

The history shown in pictures

There is much we could tell about our ‘Black Factory’. But pictures show much better the history of a period, which has been passed by for so long. As an enterprise rich in tradition we are located in Schmallenberg-Oberkirchen for more than 100 years. Here you can learn more about us and our products. Just click on the pictures!


    Luftbildaufnahme von Ulrich Gnacke, Westfeld  

From beechwood to the finished product…


Résumé of our company

  Here you will find us...   ...on to the artist blacksmith Schütte & the blacksmith café...